Field Day

Over the past few weeks the students have been working on packages on the circle of courage, which is a four part program implemented at UMFS that helps guide students through UMFS’s larger program and transition them into the mainstream . The students hadn’t finished shooting their interviews or b-roll so we split into four groups mastery, belonging, generosity, and independence and set off on UMFS’s campus to shoot.

circle of courage

My group’s topic was belonging, which focuses on the students feeling connected and having a sense of being a part of a community in some way. That could be through school, church, a club or anything of that nature. We interviewed a student in the program who talked about how UMFS has helped her feel like she belonged. At school she didn’t feel think she fit in and was more prone to people who were bad influences because they made her feel like she belonged even though they didn’t have her best interest in mind . UMFS taught her how to fit in with more positive people and avoid those bad influences. I was really surprised at how well the interview went. One of the shyer students conducted the interview and she did a really great job asking questions and making herself and the young lady we interviewed comfortable.

After the interview we shot b-roll around the campus. This is when I noticed one of the students in particular really shine. She thoroughly enjoyed working with the camera and coming up with ideas for b-roll. That’s when it clicked to my classmates and I that she was much more productive when we gave her a task and just let her do her own thing from there. I still shadowed her just to show her I was interested in when she was doing, but still gave her free reigns to shoot whatever she wanted. She enjoyed sharing her ideas with me and we even shared a few laughs. It was really nice to see her have personal moments some of my classmates and I. I definitely think we have made a breakthrough with her.

The day out working in the field seemed to be good for every group. We all had fun and mostly positive responses from all of the students. Being outside of the classroom put everyone in a more relaxed mood and enabled us to interact more freely with each other.


One thought on “Field Day

  1. Hey
    Nice blog! I really like your setup, its nice.

    We made a great team out in the field helping the students today.
    It still amazes me how shy, quiet and distracted they act inside the studio but as soon as we take them outside and out in the field they get right to business.
    Who knew.


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